Photograph: Mark Clement

Desk noticeds prime the want lists of each DIYers and seasoned woodenworkers. These extremely effective noticeds reduce extra rightly than round noticeds, They typically can reduce huger gadgets Of supplies, collectively with wooden, plastic, and aluminum sheeting greater than miter noticeds. Since some reduce sure Kinds of supplies greater than fullly differents, we put A pair of of Definitely one of the biggest table noticeds by way of facet-by-facet, palms-on lookay ats to see Which of them get the job carried out.

Primarily, a table noticed’s primary carry out is to carry out rips, or reduces, asizeyside the size of a board. Everytime You will Have The power to furtherly make rip reduces (sizewise reduces), crossreduces, angled reduces, and even bevel reduces Together with dadoes, ripping reprimarys this power system’s primary objective.

Whether or not you’re constructing bookaycases, framing a storage, And even making Your particular personal trim for a function wall, having a table noticed in your workstore can velocity the enterprise asizeyside. Study on to learn extra about This useful noticed and To Search out out The outcomes of our palms-on lookay ats. Definitely one of many following fashions Might Even be Good In your workstore, whether you’re A expert or a hobbyist.

  1. BEST Genperiodl: Skil 15 Amp 10 In. Jobwebsite Desk Saw
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Ryobi 18V One+ HP Cordmuch less Desk Saw
  3. Improve Decide: Bosch 10 In. Workwebsite Desk Saw
  4. BEST WOODWORKING: SawSprime Jobwebsite Saw Professional
  5. BEST JOBSITE: DeWalt 10 In. Jobwebsite Desk Saw
  6. BEST House WORKSHOP: Ridgid 10 In. Professional Jobwebsite Desk Saw with Stand
  7. BEST COMPACT: Skilnoticed 8¼ In. Moveable Worm Drive Desk Saw

Photograph: Mark Clement

Types of Desk Saws

Wright hereas all table noticeds carry out in An identical method—a flat tableprime floor assists The supplies being reduce as you guidely feed it into the noticed blade—they differ in design, power, biggest use, mobility, and storage.

Bench Saws

Designed to be bolted to A bitbench or hookayed up to a stand, a benchprime table noticed is compact And comparatively Lightweight, avperiodging 45 to 60 kilos (not collectively with some stands). Wright hereas some benchprime table noticeds have the reduce performance for slicing sheet items, They do not Appear to be exactly designed for this with out modifications like infeed/outfeed assist tables, typically store assembleed.

It’s potential To reduce sheet supplies As quickly as Shortly alone (greater if Tright here is a assister), Neverthemuch less these noticeds Are often confacetred too compact And by no implys pretty safe enough for ripping someskinnyg like ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF); sheet suppliess, Similar to plywooden and oriented strand board (OSB); or plastic and aluminum paneling. For planks, deck boards, 2-by supplies, and the like, these mannequins Are typically indispensable.

Benchprime noticeds, Which might value $600 or extra, are extra pretty worthd than huger contractor or cupboard table noticeds. However since they’re the smallest Sort of table noticed, these mannequins are restricted by the width of The supplies They will reduce—typically about 18 To twenty inches (see “Rip Capacity” under).

Contractor Saws

A contractor table noticed is designed to be considperiodbly mobile in A retailer setting by using a wheel package. Wright hereas some contractors use These Type of noticeds on jobwebsites, the mannequins Are typically Arrange in A bitstore for months on finish. These jobwebsite table noticeds are furtherly good for critical DIYers Who’ve a semipermanent place for them and are doing Quite a Little bit of duties that require forged-iron stability and extra horsepower than a benchprime noticed.

They’re heavier than bench noticeds (90 to 150 kilos) and Are often In a place To slicing sheet supplies As a lot as 24 inches broad or broadr. These mannequins can run as a lot as $1,500 or extra, depfinishing on extreme quality and power.

Cabinet Saws

Packing extra power than fullly different table noticeds and typically requiring a 220-volt (V) circuit, cupboard noticeds are huge stationary table noticeds. These are the priciest selection, Starting from $1,200 to $5,000 or extra, depfinishing on power and extreme quality. The motor is absolutely enshutd in A cupboard under the table.

Cabinet noticed clients furtherly typically construct assist tables for these mannequins—referred to as infeed and outfeed assist—to make it simpler to handle sheet items like MDF, plywooden, and heavier supplies. Often Current in expert or industrial workstores and in commerce schools, these heavy noticeds can weigh Higher than 600 kilos.

Hybrid Saws

The hybrid table noticed is A combination of The cupboard and contractor varieties. It provides A minimal of as a lot power as a contractor noticed, but with out requiring a devoted 220V circuit. Anticipate to pay from $750 to $1,500 for hybrid table noticeds, That are typically described as souped-up contractor noticeds.

Hybrid noticeds Embrace enshutd cupboards, mimicking the lookay of cupboard noticeds, Neverthemuch less they weigh much less, avperiodging 275 To three25 kilos. They’re typically transferd with a hand truck, but wheel packages Are typically out tright here for them as properly.

What To imagine about When Choosing the Best Desk Saw

Desk noticeds run the gamut in extreme quality and worth, so confacetr the steperiodge under when Buying for for Definitely one of the biggest table noticeds.


Briefly, the extra horsepower (hp) in a table noticed motor, the extra slicing power the noticed has. Smaller benchprime noticeds that typically function horsepower Wiskinny the differ of ¾ hp to 1½ hp are enough For many skinnygs An monumentalr table noticed can reduce; however, They Will not depart pretty as clear a reduce as a contractor or cupboard noticed. Maintain in thoughts that these scores are typically proven in “amps” (e.g., 15 amps) and Check with What quantity of amperes the system attracts. Benchprime mannequins are common jobwebsite and workstore occupants, sizing everyskinnyg from shelving to exhaustingwoodens for a woodenworking enterprise and to presassembleive-dealt with lumber for yard tasks.

Greater bench noticeds and contractor noticeds Embrace 2-hp to 4-hp motors, and cupboard table noticeds typically function 5-hp or huger motors. The extra extremely effective motors run sizeyer beneath heavy use with out overheating (assume cupboard store wright here they’re used Daily, all day, for years on finish) And merely reduce by way of denser suppliess, Similar to ironwooden or Brazilian walnut.

Cutting Depth and Blade Measurement

Desk noticeds are labeled by The size of the round blade they accommodate; the Overwhelming majority take 10-inch blades, while a handful take 12-inch blades. The blade peak and angles are adjusafe, so It could make a shpermit reduce Solely a fraction of an inch deep As properly as to deeper reduces. The Latest period of table noticeds—many twinemuch less or twineed/twinemuch less—spin a 7½-inch blade, Simply like that on a round noticed.

In all probability the Commonest blade sizes for these noticeds are 10 inches and 12 inches. With A ten-inch table noticed, clients can typically make a most reduce As a lot as 3½ inches deep (That permits the consumer To tear a 4×4 in half).


The fence on a table noticed is the adjusafe information that hpreviouss The supplies in place while slicing. Tright here are two fence types That include most table noticeds: one is a T-sq. fence, which is in all packages of table noticed and assembleed with various levels of extreme quality based mostly on the noticed’s implyt use. The fullly different Sort of fence is a rack-and-pinion-type fence, which is found primarily Wiskinny the benchprime class.

Some noticeds furtherly Embrace extfinishable fences that both fprevious or slide out to accommodate huger parts of wooden. Other table noticeds function fences with embedded magnifiers that permit the consumer To enhanced see the meaassembleivements on the noticed when adjusting the fence. Neverthemuch less, many clients merely Depfinish upon a tape meaassembleive. By measuring from the fence to the tip of a blade tooth, the accuracy (or not) of the fence’s leveler doesn’t Want to be depfinished upon or interpreted.

Rip Capacity

Desk noticeds are key To tearing broad sheets Of supplies, Neverthemuch less The utmost width Of supplies Which will match between the noticed blade and the fence—the rip performance—varies. Rip performance starts at round 18 inches for entry-diploma benchprime noticeds and runs As a lot as 60 inches or extra for expert cupboard noticeds.

Depfinishing on the deliberate tasks, choose a table noticed with a rip performance huge enough to accommodate the dimension Of supplies. For event, if the objective is To assemble 2-foot-extreme toy areaes, a noticed with a rip performance of A minimal of 24 inches can reduce parts of plywooden broad enough for The facets and again.

Neverthemuch less, many execs use monitor noticeds for this objective. Whether or not it’s slicing down a door to accommodate new flooring or sizing sheet inventory for constructing a bench, monitor noticeds are mild and right.

Mud Assortment

Do you have to’re working in a shutd workstore, dust collection ports will assist keep the air dust-free and collect noticeddust chips Which might fullly differentwise have to be swept up later. Desk noticeds have dust collection ports designed To hookay up with A conventional store vacuum. Users Want to run the workstore vacuum while working the noticed to catch dust and noticeddust.

For slicing synthetic supplies outdoors, Similar to compowebsite decking or PVC trim, it’s A great suggestion To place a area or bucket beneath the noticed to catch the shavings if the noticed Is about up on the grass. Standing on An monumental sheet of cardboard or a drop supplies furtherly assists. As quickly as these shavings get Wiskinny the grass, they’re shut toly inconceivable to get out.

Photograph: Mark Clement

Our Top Picks

Tright here is An monumental breadth of table-noticed clients, wants, and requirements. Taking as a lot Under confacetration throughout this spectrum was not straightforward while evaluating The sector of table noticeds all by way of our palms-on lookay ating. Neverthemuch less, We now have to land somewright here. It Ought to be famous up entrance That every system On this consider shiped on its design promise.


The assembleed-in fpreviousout legs of the stand are mild, safe, And simple to deploy. The noticed is mild but extremely effective enough to blow by way of framing lumber like a boss. Its included blade departs Tons to be desired, but that’s An straightforward swap. The fence was parallel to the blade out of the area, and carrying it to jobwebsites or shifting it Across the store is a cinch. We liked that it retailers in a cube when not in use.

The push-button change takes some getting used to, and we want the throat plate was metallic, not plastic, but for making a few rips at home to plowing by way of dealt with lumber constructing a deck, the noticed is on level with everyskinnyg from power to mobility to accuracy.

This mannequin’s dust port elbow Ought to be on every table noticed: With a 22.5-diploma bfinish, it permits the consumer to chute dust Proper into a area or bucket. It’s a straightforward, smart, and an eminently useful function.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Cutting depth: 3½ inches
  • Rip performance: 25½ inches
  • Weight: 51.2 kilos



  • Plastic throat plate
  • Embraced blade is tough

Get the Skil table noticed on Amazon.


The battery on this pretty worthd table noticed Is okay for mild work. The fence was sq. and parallel out of the area. It’s exhaustingly plush, Neverthemuch less It exactly works. The noticed is mild and portable and has An reliable quantity of power. It’s not a beast, and that’s an attribute.

Some execs might even discover its naked-bones setup and low value just what they need. It dealt with 1x8s and compowebsite decking just nice When it Includes power. However it did have problem ejecting the shavings. Having a bdecrease Available Can be an added assist. Tright here’s no large stand, Neverthemuch less it does Want to be Arrange at table peak for biggest And guardedst use.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 8¼ inches
  • Cutting depth: 2¼ inches
  • Rip performance: 12 inches
  • Weight: 45 kilos


  • Light
  • Small
  • Powerful enough
  • Cordmuch less


  • Light-obligation noticed, primarily DIY
  • StAnd by no implys included

Get the Ryobi table noticed On The home Depot.


Barely-acknowledged actuality is that the Bosch 10-inch workwebsite table noticed is a pioneering table noticed. Bosch has been making a mannequin of this noticed with Solely a few seen modifications (it’s that good) for 20 years. It was this noticed that tookay table noticeds from being small, primarily functionmuch less mannequins to being a strong, safe, on-website system with wheels.

The fence is excellent with the clearest glide asizeyside the rails, which we found to be An exact pleaassembleive To make the most of. The paddle change Is fantastic and the included blade Is candy. It has a gentle—but not too gentle—start that makes the noticed snug for shut-quarters use in a storage or jobwebsite store wright here A million reduces per day Want to be made.

The stand is strong, and the crank cadence To diminish And enhance the blade Is candy. It rampages by way of 2-by dealt with lumber with a dust ejection that’s superior. It has Definitely one of the biggest miter gauge Wiskinny the bunch, Definitely one of the biggest push-stick storage ever, And An excellent skinny inventory auxiliary fence.

Like All of the mannequins Wiskinny the class, this noticed is heavy. Sure, it has a wheel package, Neverthemuch less it’s a two-particular person job to enhance it Proper into a truck.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Cutting depth: 3⅛ inches
  • Rip performance: 30 inches
  • Weight: 94 kilos


  • High-extreme quality enhancement
  • Best-in-class stand
  • Aggressive capacities


  • Premium worth
  • Stand requires preliminary meeting

Get the Bosch table noticed on Amazon or On The home Depot.


Designed by woodenworkers and based mostly on The cupboard noticed that launched flesh-sensing know-how to the market, this system is for devoted clients who need premium finishes and work primarily with dry lumber. The fence is biggest In school. Its deployable “skinny supplies” fence is a genius function that critical woodenworkers will love.

Its fpreviousing cart works properly, and the in-table storage is terrific. The blade depth adjustment transfers the blade from zero to full peak In a single flip, which is anfullly different biggest-in-class function. And the flesh-sensing tech is each comforting and causes one to be rife with nervousness; it picks up on electrical impulses And might save your finger if it’s ever shut to enough to the blade to be reduce.

Wright hereas Tright here is a bymove mode to lookay at if the sensors will react to moist lumber, it’s strong to press The biggest collection of buttons. Nonethemuch less, it’s An excellent noticed to have on a trim website or for a storage woodenworker. It does what stationary table noticeds do, but It is mobile-ish And guarded.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Cutting depth: 3⅛ inches
  • Rip performance: 25½ inches
  • Weight: 113 kilos


  • High-extreme quality enhancement
  • Flesh-sensing know-how
  • Astounding construct extreme quality


Get the SawSprime table noticed on Grizzly Industrial.


With entrance legs splayed when open in the direction of the entrance of the noticed, this system Is right for making sizey rips in heavy supplies. It is by far the most safe system Wiskinny the bunch.

The legs lock and unlock clearly, although They do not Appear to be Similar to at least Each fullly different, which takes some getting used to. The table was flat out of the area and the blade was parallel to the fence from The start. The DeWalt-pioneered rack-and-pinion fence works Very properly.

It has an fantastic included “tough carpentry” 24-tooth noticed blade. The unit has A nice change and a little Little bit of a sdecrease blade peak crank than fullly different mannequins, and it was tight to the bevel launch. Ovperiodll, it’s a extreme-extreme quality noticed at An excellent worth.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Cutting depth: 3⅛ inches
  • Rip performance: 32½ inches
  • Weight: 110 kilos


  • Super safe
  • Good included blade
  • Good worth


  • Heavy
  • Blade crank and bevel adjustment exactly shut collectively

Get the DeWalt table noticed at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Lowe’s.


This table noticed does all The fundamentals properly. It’s acquired An monumental reduce performance, collapsible wheel package, and good power And mud ejection. A 3½-inch reduce performance implys a 4×4 Might be reduce in half. It’s A lot of noticed for An excellent worth.

Neverthemuch less, the match and finish Weren’t prime of The class. The fence is gummy and the table needed to be adjusted out of the area (it was straightforward to adSolely and labored nice). It didn’t glide clearly asizeyside the rails, and a fence that’s exhausting To maneuver or wants adjustment is troublesome for expert clients.

It furtherly has a gentle start, which new table noticed clients might respect. The drawback for us was—and This might be subjective—it was too gentle. It felt like We would have respectd To attfinish A pair of seconds for the blade To reflip On prime of skinnygs. It’s certainly snug, but For informationable clients placing A lot of lumber by way of a table noticed, these further seconds add up quick.

For weekfinish work and tasks, That is a fantastic deal of noticed.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Cutting depth: 3½ inches
  • Rip performance: 30 inches
  • Weight: 95.08 kilos


  • A succesful noticed for Little or no funding
  • Removable stand included
  • Soft start


  • Finicky fence
  • Wanted adjustment out of the area

Get the Ridgid table noticed On The home Depot.


Skilnoticed’s 8¼-inch table noticed, scaled down from its 10-inch cousin, is a pleaassembleive To make the most of. The 8¼-inch platform reduces the Overwhelming majority of skinnygs table noticeds reduce. The worm drive motor, which is plush To make sure However in addition a bit heavy, isn’t dangerous On this smaller platform system. The noticed is compact, straightforward To maneuver, and is so nicely quiet at start-up that it’s a pleasure To make the most of.

Mixed with A strong fence and unbelievable up-entrance locking mechanism, this noticed can transfer from website to website, Across the storage, or to a stationary place for sizey tasks and ship depfinishable efficiency.

Wright hereas the noticed Did not ship with a stand, the roll cage is bored for a stand (Which Could make it heavier) and Is out tright here. The compact design May even be great for storing the noticed on A bit truck.

Professionalduct Specs

  • Type: Benchprime
  • Blade size: 8¼ inches
  • Cutting depth: 2⅝ inches
  • Rip performance: 25 inches
  • Weight: 44 kilos


  • Smooth power
  • Moveable
  • Fantastic twine and fence


  • Higher worth
  • Requires stand

Get the Skilnoticed table noticed on Amazon or at Lowe’s.

Our Verdict

Given all the skinnygs that table noticeds Want to do, from ripping lumber to being mobile to being out of The biggest method when not in use, the Skil table noticed rocked it. Top-notch fprevious-out legs and An excellent dust chute implys it carry outs Definitely one of the biggest shortly. For mild-obligation And refacetntial use, the Ryobi table noticed is A nice entry-diploma noticed at an pretty worthd worth.

How We Examined the Best Desk Saws

First, we tried To confacetr as many table noticed clients as we could and which mannequins might biggest meet their wants, confacetring everyskinnyg from protectedty to manufacturing to mobility (Across the store or jobwebsite, Out and in of the truck, and so on.).

We lookay ated for power and vibration and even the included blades, plowing by way of presassembleive-dealt with southern yellow pine that had been left to dry out and exhaustingen for a month. We ran 1×8 supplies and seemed For every clearness And mud administration (And not using a dust collection system) using mobile PVC deck boards.

We considerd the included stands, changees, and modifications And althought of The ovperiodll really feel using the system for everyskinnyg from weekfinish work round The home To developing a deck or shed to a months-sizey setup For transforming a home.

How We Chose the Best Desk Saws

Wiskinny our group of writers, one of us is a former woodenstore proprietor and one is a broadspread contractor; subsequently, We now have in depth expertise using table noticeds Of numerous sizes. We understand The requirements of clients And the method numerous fashions present for them. As properly as, our group researched all The present mannequins out tright here, so we have been Aware of The latest enhancements.

For the updates to this lookay at, we ran 2-by presassembleive-dealt with lumber; 1×8 finger-jointed primed pine; plywooden; and compowebsite decking by way of every noticed Lookaying for everyskinnyg from power and vibration to dust ejection and vibration. We considerd modifications, changees, and fence clearness asizeyside the rails. We furtherly confacetred mobility and storage.


Wright hereas depth of reduce Is important, most table noticeds are 10-inch fashions and specs are very comparable. Wright hereas their primary carry out in home workstores and on jobwebsites is ripping dimensional lumber—which doesn’t require An unrestricted rip performance—ripping performance varies tremfinishously and is a key function For A lot of who reduce huge sheet supplies. We have been cautious to supply options For every Sort of clients.

Measurement and Portability

For A lot of clients, a compact, portable table noticed is The good reply. For fullly differents, bodily size is much Less important than performance and stability. We made assembleive To incorporate a full selection to cowl People who work with these noticeds on-website or in small areas at home As properly as to People Who’ve An monumental workstore out tright here.

Model and Worth

We keep away from Low price table noticeds, which Are typically poor When it Includes sturdiness and reliability. Wright hereas buying from the main table noticed manufacturers can imply you pay a little extra, this virtually On A daily basis Leads To enhanced sizey-time period value.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Desk Saw

House proprietors will probably spfinish many hours studying The tactic to get Definitely one of the biggest from their table noticed. The subsequent quick ideas present a useful place To start out:

  • Study the guide careabsolutely even Everytime You’ve owned a table noticed earlier than; Tright here’ll typically be variations. It’s important To know the protectedty options and know The tactic To maximise efficiency.
  • By regulation, all table noticeds Ought to have a blade guard. Never opperiodte the noticed with out it in place. The riving knife should only be retransferd if using a dado blade.
  • Almethods put on eye safety. Ear deffinishers are furtherly A great suggestion.
  • Check the blade for damage earlier than every work session. If Tright here is a crack, lacking tooth, or sudden vibration, substitute the blade immediately.
  • Tright here’s an previous woodenworking adage That you merely should meaassembleive twice and reduce once. This will furtherly apply to Establishing a table noticed. AdSolely After which lookay at earlier than making every reduce.
  • Clean the table noticed after use. Disconnect The power first, then use an odd nylon-bristle hand brush or twinemuch less bdecrease.
  • Studying The tactic to make featherboards, push sticks, and table noticed jigs can enhance protectedty, velocity, and accuracy, notably with repetitive duties. It’s furtherly very rewarding to make skinnygs your self pretty than buying them.
  • Blade selection can have a dramatic influence on efficiency, Even when the diameter reprimarys The identical. You can read extra about Definitely one of the biggest table noticed blades in a separate article.


The information above cowls A lot of The important skinnyg facets of Definitely one of the biggest table noticeds As properly as to particulars on A selection of extreme-extreme quality decisions Which will go well with Quite a Little bit of clients. Though It is going to have anshave beend Almost all of questions that happen to potential consumers, some clients Could have extra broadspread-use questions. A pair of of The most properly-respectd questions have been anshave beend under.

Q. What do I need To make the most of a table noticed?

Afacet from defending goggles or protectedty glasses and a stand of some type, everyskinnyg You’d like should Embrace the noticed. Asizey with offering some primary ideas for using the table noticed above, Tright here is a extra in-depth startner’s information right here.

Q. Can A ten-inch table noticed reduce a 4×4?

A pair of 10-inch table noticeds will reduce a 4×4 in a single move, but not many. Maintain in thoughts that 4×4 refers to dimensioned lumber that Is certainly nearer To three½ inches sq.. A regular most for 10-inch table noticeds is 3⅛ inches, although the reduce can typically be fulld by fliping The supplies over and working it by way of the noticed Once again.

Q. Am i able To place a table noticed on a miter noticed stand?

It’d be potential, but It is not useful. Miter noticed bases are fixed in A particular method, so the Outcome would probably be unprotected.

Q. What can I exploit for a table noticed stand?

A sturdy bench can work, and It isn’t troublesome To Search out plans for DIY table noticed stands. You can furtherly confacetr investing in a objective-assembleed stand.

Q. Wright here should you stand when using a table noticed?

You should typically stand behind the noticed table and to the left of the blade. Make assembleive You are snug And by no implys strand so onhing. If working with huge sheet supplies, it’s A great suggestion to have somebody assist it on the out-feed facet.



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