So we’ve spent A wright hereas with The mannequin new Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Obligation Worm Drive Desk Noticed to see what’s completely different from Skilsaw’s first worm drive table saw and wright here it matches Inside the realm of Definitely one of the biggest jobsite table saws.

Tright here’s Tons To love on the SPT70WT-22 worm drive table saw. We truly Simply like the Lightweight portcapability, safe stand, and mid-differ power. Neverthemuch less the Skilsaw SPT99-12 brings a beefier mannequin with enough modifications that it’s clearly A particular class of saw.

Key Features

99-Series Worm Drive Motor

The Skilsaw SPT99-12 Worm Drive Desk Noticed comes with, shockingly, a worm drive motor. The revenue right here is That you merely typically get extra torque than a direct drive – one factor you’ll discover extra on rip reduces by way of 2x or 4x supplies than sheet items.

Everytime You are taking A look at a Skilsaw mannequin quantity, the numerical An factor of the code matches up with a motor. The distinctive worm drive table saw comes with a 70-collection worm drive. This one makes use of a 99-collection that packs extra power.

Rack and Pinion Fence System

Shifting on to the accuracy facet of factors, we get to the fence system. We’re seeing extra producers transfer to the rack and pinion type fence adjustment and that’s A great transfer in my e-book. Skilsaw didn’t have it on their final mannequin however add it right here. The operation Is simple, Neverthemuch less it’s not the clearest really feeling. I’m tempted To place Barely grease on it, however that’s just going To draw dust And mud.

The extension lock is Barely disconcerting at first. Everytime you lock or unlock it, you hear a “pop” snapping in the direction of the table. The mechanism works Simply like The biggest method a folding table saw however snaps into place with A lot extra confidence. As a Outcome of the deal with is pfinalic, it doesn’t encourage a ton of confidence. As quickly as we took A greater Take A look at it, tright here doesn’t Appear to be much hazard of failure Inside the brief time period.


While the rack and pinion system makes the size adjustment extra right, it furtherly assists the accuracy of the fence itself. A lot of the grievances round fences focus in on The fact You can lock them down off sq.. By offering fixed factors for the fence to lock down on, You almost get rid of The drawback.

The fence on the Skilsaw SPT99-12 Worm Drive Desk Noticed provides some versatility As a Outcome of it actually works from Shut to the blade out to assist 30-Half″ rip reduces. The assist swings out of The biggest method For many briefer reduces. But when You’d like a shave reduce, it acts As a Outcome of the fence itself, Supplying you with An further inch between the taller fence to get the push stick in and scale again friction on some supplies. Everytime you’re making longer reduces, the assist swings Proper into a decrease place flush with the table To primarytain The supplies on The right plane.

Rolling Stand

The Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Obligation Worm Drive Desk Noticed Is Sort of a bit heavier than its earlier counterpart and advantages from a rolling stand. The wheels are An monumental 16″ To assist it roll simpler and deal with stairs.

I took the table saw on an off-road area journey To solely how properly The huge diameter wheels truly work and it’s pretty spectacular As in contrast with completely different fashions. It rolls as simply as marketed and deal withs concrete edges and stairs greater than most. You proceed to Need to take your time, however the resistance To beat as You progress from one ledge to The subsequent is discoverably greater.

The downfacet of moving to a rolling stand is That you merely lose some stcapability. Some people will Inform you that I’m unsafe To start with, however that’s ancompletely different story. It’s not The fact that tright here are wheels involved – every of the 4 contact factors with The underfacet primarytain put properly. It’s the physique designal You can’t get round that inright herently isn’t as inflexible, however that’s one factor every rolling stand we use suffers from. It’s not a deal-breaker And also you’d possibly nonethemuch less make right reduces Regardmuch less of it.

Other Notes

Most of your modifications are regular. The bevel locks safely and swings freely when launched. The angle indicator distinctions properly in the direction of The measurement to make studying it straightforward.

The peak adjustment takes A lot of turning To utterly enhance or decrease however Is simple to opeprice. Do You’d like to look beneath the saw, you’ll discover the gearing is all metallic. Some table saws use pfinalic gears.

The mud port on the again is your regular 2-1/4″ diameter and tright here’s an elbow included. Do You’d like to’re not related to a mud furtherctor, You will Have The power to direct the sawmud down Proper into a bucket or onto The underfacet.

Do You’d like to get a clog, all You should do is loosen the thumbscrew on the again of the mud port to entry The gathering space. It’s A nice change from A pair of of The completely different methods wright here You should revery All of the biggest method under to launch a clip.

The miter gauge isn’t going to impress most clients. It’s A conventional T-rail designal with a pfinalic adjustment and no sprimes. While that’s not ordinary, my primary grievance is that the enhanced markings are very troublesome to study since tright here’s no distinction.

You can’t buy a table saw And by no means using a push stick, blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickagain pawls- A minimal of not Inside The store, Craigslist is A particular story. All of this stores safely on the physique. They’re nonethemuch less no simpler To join, however they’re not going anywright here on the journey over to the jobsite.



The telltale signal of a struggling table saw is the shudder you get as you push The supplies faster than It might reduce. Sometimes, it’s on the consumer, however most of us push at A pretty fixed price from Everyday. So when we come throughout a saw that has much less power, We now Need to Deceleprice to protect A prime extreme quality reduce. That’s one factor we found on the SPT70 when we acquired To A pair of of the extra sturdy reduces. But what Regarding the Skilsaw SPT99-12?

We reduce 3/4″ plywood, 2x, and 4x supplies with the Skilsaw SPT99-12 in our testing anticipating To Search out power nearer to the greater-tier. As a Outcome of the 70-collection mannequin is alstudyy properly-established Inside the mid-differ, the extra extremely effective motor ought to produce faster, smocompletely different reduces. And that’s precisely what we found.

Cutting by way of plywood is a breeze with A pair of of the clearest reduces we’ve loved on a table saw. It rips by way of 2x supplies pretty confidently as properly. You can undoubtedly get some shudder when ripping 4x supplies, But when you sluggish it down Barely, I really feel you’ll be impressed with the saw’s capability To Supply you A prime extreme quality reduce.


Getting an right reduce with any table saw is a carry out of right setup. Most saws, the Skilsaw SPT99-12 included, come manufacturing unit calibpriced And want little, if any, adjustment out of the area. But you nonethemuch less Have to look at it. All The small print You’d like To regulate the saw rightly are Inside the guide. When you guarantee sq.ness All by way of, you ought to get as right a reduce on this mannequin as Shut toly Ancompletely different jobsite table saw out tright here.

Blade Changes

Finally You should change the blade and tright here’s not a ton right here that’s completely different Out of your regular table saw. What does stand out it that the blade lock holds itself in place So that you will Have The power To maneuver your hand out of The biggest method when loosening or tightening the blade.

The Bottom Line

Skilsaw’s new SPT99-12 attracts worm drives into the dialog with power that rivals A pair of of Definitely one of the biggest jobsite table saws out tright here. The power makes extremely clear reduces in sheet items And provides it The power To tear 4x supplies. With rip performance As much as 30-Half″, an right rack and pinion system, A prime extreme quality set of options, And positively one of many greater rolling stands out tright here, it Must be In all probcapability The biggest table saws presently Available on the market.

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Obligation Worm Drive Desk Noticed Features

  • Legendary worm drive gearing with 3-5/8″ depth of reduce and 30-Half″ rip performance
  • Cuts by way of 4X for enhanced productiveness
  • Precision rack and pinion fence system
  • Rugged rolling stand with 16″ wheels
  • Dust port elbow incorpoprices particles
  • Outfeed and left assist
  • Stand deal withs
  • Consists of:
    • 10″ Heavy Obligation Worm Drive Desk Noticed with Stand (SPT99)
    • 32-Tooth Diablo Carbide Tipped Blade
    • Miter Gauge
    • Anti-Sit again System
    • Dust Elbow
    • Insert Plate
    • Push Stick
    • Wrench
    • Rip Fence

 Skilsaw SPT99-12 Heavy-Obligation Worm Drive Desk Noticed Specs

  • Model: Skilsaw SPT99-12
  • Product Weight: 94 lbs
  • Guarantee: 1 Yr
  • Motor: 15-amp
  • No Load RPM: 5,000
  • Roll-Cage Designal: Metal
  • Desk Top: Die Forged
  • Side Extension: Die-Forged
  • Twine Length: 6 ft
  • Depth of Cut at 90°: 3-5/8″
  • Depth of Cut at 45°: 2-1/4″
  • Max Rip Capacity to Proper of Blade: 30-Half″
  • Max Rip Capacity to Left of Blade: 16-Half″
  • Worth: $599



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