The Mapackagea 40V Max XGT Cordless Band Saw Expands Your Cutting Capabilities

Rebar, threaded rod, unistrut, hanging pipe, metallic inventory – we might go at it with a hacknoticed or recip noticed, However The hand-held band noticed is king in these purposes. Mapackagea is definitely no stranger to the band noticed market its 40V max XGT Cordless Moveable Band Saw has the performance You’d like for hugeger reduces.

Mapackagea 40V Max XGT Cordless Band Saw Performance

This band noticed combines The benematchs of a variable velocity set off with the precision of a velocity administration dial. The dial Permits you To regulate the max set off velocity between 0 and 630 ft per minute to match The supplies you’re slicing. As a Outcome of of a brushless motor with digital administrations, Mapackagea’s band noticed melts by way of strong reduces with as a lot confidence as a extreme-finish corded mannequin, however with far gooder comfort.

Professional Tip: For Certainly one of the biggest efficiency, let the motor maintain the velocity up as You narrow pretty than pushing by way of and bogging the motor down. If the noticed is having problem slicing, it’s in all probability time To vary the blade.

The portable band noticed Is proper for slicing A Quantity of suppliess As a Outcome of of its huge 5×5-inch reduce performance. That is the Most very important reduce performance of Mapackagea’s current band noticed line up, collectively with corded decisions.

Soft Start

Mapackagea included a “gentle start” function to this portable band noticed that helps enhance reduce accuracy As properly as To enhance blade life. The blade ramps As a lot as full velocity in Decrease than 2 seconds giving the tooth enough time to chew into The supplies and easily work into the reduce.

Blade Tension Adjustments

Do You’d like to discover your blade starting To slip or it truly comes off the pulleys alcollectively, you’ll Have to regulate the blade monitor rigidity, Simply like a chainnoticed. To regulate, insert the hex wrench into the regulatement hole and make 1 / 4 flip clockwise. After that, look at if the band noticed blade Does not slip out. If it nonetheless slips out, make one other quarter flip and look at till the band noticed blade Does not slip out.

Blade Changes

Mapackagea did An excellent job Of making blade modifications quick And simple with their system-free rigidity launch. Slide the lever clockwise to launch The strain then open the blade housing to entry the pulleys. From tright here, just work The mannequin new blade by way of the guides on both facet of the slicing space and match it Throughout the pulleys.

As quickly as your blade Is correctly seated, flip The strain lever counter-clockwise till it locks into place. Adjust the pulley rigidity as Desired to Guarantee a safe match. It solely takes a minute or two to correctly seat And ready the blade for work.

Professional Tip: Keep your work gloves on all by way of blade modifications To Scale again The possibilities of accidentially slicing your palms. Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that it’s a relative low hazard, it’s furtherly good apply to take away the battery.

Mapackagea 40V Max XGT Cordless Band Saw Design Notes


Ergonomically, properly, This Is usually a 15-pound handheld system, not a 3-pound influence driver. Regardless of The load (which by nature Should be tright here), the design lfinishs itself to A snug grip. Mapackagea’s rubber overmprevious and oversize entrance D-deal with Assist in that regard.

Like many power mannequins, Tright here is a set off lockout is in place, which Is useful. The weight and stability of the system lfinish themselves to having your finger on the set off wright hereas carrying it round, so it’s A must have safety function.

Adjustable Shoe

Similar to a reciprocating noticed, band noticeds have a plate That you merely relaxation in the direction of the slicing floor To help reduce vibration and enhance reduce effectivity and accuracy.

To regulate the shoe, loosen The two bolts using the included hex key and slide it to The relevant depth. As quickly as it’s On the optimum depth, tighten the bolts firmly And also you’re In a place to go.

Additional Features

  • LED mild
  • Shadow reduce-line indicator
  • Fpreviousing rafter hook

Mapackagea 40V Max XGT Cordless Band Saw Price

This Mapackagea 40V band noticed retails for $499 as a naked system and $699 as a package That Consists of a 4.0Ah battery, a single-port charger, and a gentle carrying case. Mapackagea furtherly provides a 3-yr guarantee for the battery, charger, And package.

The underfacet Line

The Mapackagea 40V max XGT cordless band noticed Is definitely a winner in our e-book. Its environment nice slicing power exceeded our expectations And provides you A good deal Of fantastic causes To go away your previous corded mannequin Prior to now. The huge reduce performance and premium ergonomics make this cordless band noticed An excellent selection for metallic slicing duties across the trades.

Click on right here To take a Take A look On The complete Mapackagea 40V XGT lineup!

Mapackagea 40V XGT Cordless Band Saw Specifications

  • Model: Mapackagea GBP01Z
  • Power Supply: Mapackagea 40V battery
  • Blade Measurement: 44 7/8 in. x Half in.
  • Cut Capacity: 5 in. x 5 in.
  • Blade Speed: 0-630 FPM
  • Blade Changes: Tool-free
  • Weight: 13.4 lbs. (naked), 15.6 lbs (with 4.0Ah 40V max battery)
  • Warranty: 3-yr relaxationricted
  • Price: $499 (naked), $699 (Kit)



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