A great desk noticed Is Amongst The numerous first devices You should buy Everytime You start woodenworking. These noticeds allow sizey, exact, straight reduces—essential for safe joinery and clear, expert edges. Table noticeds are additionally extremely versatile, Beset off you will Have The power To assemble pretty A pair of jigs and sleds To enhance their capabilities. Personally, I’ve a jointer sled, a tapering jig, a area joint jig, and most useful of all, a crossreduce sled.

Crossreduce sleds Permit you to rightly and safely reduce wooden Proper down to a exact size. What’s extra, by including a sprime block, You Can additionally make quick, repeadesk reduces—good for batching out A lot of similar-measurementd gadgets. As quickly as I’m slicing wooden for drawers, For event, I On A daily basis use my crossreduce sled To Enassembleive All of the gadgets are The identical measurement. 

Really, You can do The identical job with a miter noticed, however I’ve found that the crossreduce sled provides extra administration And provides A gooder reduce. I exploit my miter noticed To reduce wooden to a tough size, then seize my crossreduce sled to trim these boards Proper down to their final measurement.

When You will have The power to add All Sorts of upgrades, Similar to primarytain-down clamps, assembleed-in sprime blocks, and miter jigs, every woodenworker ought To assemble a primary crossreduce sled, and anyone can.

Warning: DIY tasks Might be dangerous, even for In all probability the most expert makers. Earlier than persevering with with this or Ancompletely different enterprise on our website, Make assembleive You’ve all needed safety gear and know The biggest Method To place it to use rightly. At minimal, Which will embrace safety glasses, a face masks, and/or ear safety. Do You’d like to’re using power devices, You Want to know The biggest Method To make the most of them safely and appropriately. If You Do not, or are completely differentwise unsnug with anyskinnyg described right here, don’t try this enterprise.


  • Time: 2 To three hours
  • Supplies value: $50 to $75
  • Problem: Straightforward



1. Decide how huge your crossreduce sled Shall be. Its measurement Depfinishs upon two skinnygs: how broad your desk noticed is and The measurement of The Most very important wooden You Must have The power To reduce. The sled can primarytain A pair of inches over The facets of your desk noticed, however you don’t need it to sag. Equally, The complete board you’re slicing ought to match on the sled, with minimal overprimarytain. I needed To reduce 24-inch boards, so I made my sled 36 inches broad. This gave me 12 inches on one facet of the blade and 24 inches on The completely different.

2. Cut the plywooden to size. One sheet Can be The backside of your sled, wright hereas The completely different Shall be reduce into gadgets and used To assemble the fence and stabilizer board. As a Outcome of these are structural elements, each sheets Have to span the width of your crossreduce sled. Cut them to that measurement (in my case, it was 36 inches).

  • Notice: The fence will primarytain your work perpfinishicular to the blade, wright hereas the stabilizer will merely primarytain the sled from falling aside.

3. Rip the fence and stabilizer boards to width. For stability and power, each the fence and stabilizer Should be Made from a quantity of boards glued collectively. My fence is Made from three strips of plywooden glued collectively, wright hereas the stabilizer is Professionalduced from two. The fence and stabilizer ought to each be taller than your desk noticed’s absolutely enhanced blade. In my case, the blade rises simply over 3 inches, so I ripped the 5 fence and stabilizer boards to 4 inches broad every.

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4. Construct the fence and stabilizer. Glue three of the plywooden boards collectively, Nostril to nose, for the fence, and the reprimarying two Nostril to nose for the stabilizer. Attempt and primarytain the boards as Shut to flush as potential to make flattening and squaring them simpler in steps 6 and 7 .  

  • Professional tip: When You’ve An extfinished enough diploma, clamp it to the face of the fence wright hereas the glue dries To primarytain it goodly straight. A crooked fence means crooked reduces.

5. Cut runners for the miter sled. The sled runners will slide freely in your desk noticed’s miter stons, and The greater they match, the extra right your reduces Shall be. Properly-match runners Can additionally make the crossreduce sled simpler To maneuver. The runners Should be The identical size as your sled, The identical width As a Outcome of the miter stons In your desk noticed, and about 1/16-inch shallower than the miter slot depth. I made mine out of scrap wooden, But Everytime you don’t have any of that mendacity round, You will have The power To solely buy a small piece of pine or poplar.

  • Professional tip: Err on the facet Of making the runners too huge at first. You can On A daily basis trim or sand these Proper down to make them match. The runners ought to slide freely Wiskinny the miter stons With none facet-to-facet movement.

It’s referred to as a sled for a set off: Take A look at these runners. Jean Levasseur

6. Sq. and flatten the fence. As quickly as the glue on the fence is dry, flatten The underfacet of the piece and square it to the face of the fence. The easyst Method to try That is with a jointer, But Everytime you don’t have one, You can Do this In your desk noticed. As quickly as the fence’s backside and face are square, flatten The very Higher of the piece as well. 

7. Flatten the stabilizer board. You don’t Have to be as exact with this piece as you have been with the fence. Just flatten The underfacet so it sits flush throughout The complete size of the sled. 

8. Set up The backside onto the runners. Place one or two pennies or washers into every of the miter stons and put the runners into place on prime of them. The pennies ought to bump The very biggests of the runners simply above the desk prime. Put A pair of dabs of CA glue onto every of the runners. 

Make assembleive the desk noticed blade is lohave beend All of the method, then lay the sled base flat onto the runners, using the desk noticed fence To primarytain the plywooden as square to the desk as potential. The nearer to square You will get this step, The better It is going to be to square the fence up later. 

Give the CA glue the manuactualityurer’s useful time to dry, then flip the sled over. Countersink three holes asizeyside The center Of every runner, with one at every finish and Ancompletely different Wiskinny The center. Fasten them in place with ½-inch wooden screws.

9. InstAll of the stabilizer board. On the far facet of the sled, instAll of the stabilizer board, countersinking holes by way of The underfacet of the sled base After which using 2-inch screws To lock it in place. You can simply line this up in the direction of The sting of the sled—it Does not Have to be goodly square. As a reminder, You’d like this To face tall asizeyside its sizey edge, as if you’re constructing a wall round your sled.

10. Make a reduce three-quarters of the method by way of the sled. Transfer the sled out of the method And enhance the blade of your desk noticed to about 1 inch. Place the sled runners into the miter stons, Activate the noticed, and push the sled by way of, sprimeping when the blade will get To 5 or 6 inches from the fence Fringe of the sled. This creates a line that reveals exactly wright here the blade will run on the sled.

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11. Sq. the sled fence to the blade and install it. Place the fence asizeyside the near facet of your sled, The identical method You set in the stabilizer. Then use your square To Enassembleive it is perpfinishicular to the reduce line for the noticed. Countersink a hole by way of The underfacet of the sled base on one finish of the fence, roughly on its center-line, and screw it to the sled using a 2-inch screw. That screw will Carry out a pivot level as you nice-tune your fence position Together with your square. 

As quickly as the fence is as square as You will get it, install a countersunk second screw on The completely different finish of the fence, roughly mirroring the pivot screw. This locks the fence in place. Do You’d like to’re fortunate, the fence Shall be goodly square, however you’ll need To look at it. 

12. Check that the fence is square using the 5-reduce method. Tright here are tons of movies on The biggest Method To make the most of the 5-reduce method, And that i like to advocate this one from Bike Metropolis Woodworks. He makes The tactic easy To know and has a calculator You should use for The maths.

In a nutshell, you’ll reduce a sliver off of all 4 facets of An rectangular board, working clockwise, After which reduce an inch-sizey strip off of The primary facet You narrow. Meaassembleive the far and near finish of that final strip with good digital calipers. Plug these meaassembleivements into the calculator, asizeyside with The space from the pivot screw to The prime of the fence, And it will Inform You methods a lot You’d like To regulate the fence. When You’ve a pair of mechanic’s really feeler gauges, these Might Assist you to make minuscule adsimplyments. Do You’d like to don’t, as I do not, You should use having fun with playing cards, enterprise playing cards, previous IDs, or any skinny object You’ve mendacity Across the store. Just meaassembleive no matter You use Together with your calipers So that you understand how thick it is. 

If the quantitys current your fence wants adsimpmendacity, take away the non-pivot screw from the fence, adsimply its position based mostly on the calculations, After which re-instAll of the fence using a mannequin new hole. In concept, your fence Should be square, however you ought to repeat the 5-reduce method To enassembleive. Adsimply as needed till you’re wiskinny a tolerance you’re snug with—typically one-thousandth of an inch is good.

When the fence is square, countersink holes asizeyside The complete size of the fence and use extra 2-inch screws to safe it. I put three screws on the brief facet And 4 on the sizey.

  • Warning: Enassembleive you don’t put any screws wright here the blade could hit them. Hitting a screw with the noticed can damage your sled, damage your noticed, and probably sfinish dangerous shrapnel fmendacity.

13. Set up a “don’t contact right here” block. The first hazard of using a crossreduce sled Isn’t Listening to wright here you’re pushing from. Do You’d like to let your thumb slip over the blade space and push the sled All by way of, you’ll reduce your thumb. So I glue a scrap Of two-by-4 to the again of the fence, hiding the reduce line. This Is usually a bodily And seen reminder of exactly wright here to by no means put my fingers.

14. Wax the runners and The underfacet of the sled. The final step is To Make assembleive the sled slides easily And merely throughout your desk noticed. You shouldn’t need A lot of Strain to push it by way of. Making use of a coat of paste wax to The underfacet and runners will help it glide. 

Using a clear rag, rub the wax over All The underfacet surfaces, Making Sure to get The edges of the runners. Let the wax dry for A pair of minutes, per the manuactualityurer’s instructions, then buff it off. The sled ought to really feel virtually easy As a Outcome of it strikes over the noticed.  

And then get slicing! Do You’d like to’re like me, you’ll discover the crossreduce sled far simpler, extra right, And fewer tense To make use of than a miter noticed.



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