Greenworks Enterprise 12-Inch Cordless Power Cutter Delivers Lightweight Efficiency

When twineless reduce-off noticeds acquired here out, they definitely had their makes use of. However it’s The arrival of 12- and 14-inch fashions that give us The one Selection to reduce the twine and kick the can on the widest differ of purposes. We acquired our palms on the Greenworks Enterprise 82V 12-inch twineless power reduceter to get A greater cas quickly aspt of what this battery-powered option can deal with.

Greenworks Enterprise 82V Power Cutter Efficiency

When Greenworks Got Proper down to create a twineless 12-inch power reduceter, the design group Desired to current it a beefy motor. The brushless motor they chosen produces 2.5 kilowatts of power—the equal of a 3.4 horsepower/50cc gasoline engine. It flips the blade at 5428 RPM with an edge velocity of 279 ft per second.

With that Sort of labor potential, Be joyful To reduce concrete blocks and pavers, or deal with rebar and concrete pads. Your solely restrict is the blade’s 4.3-inch max slicing depth.

Placing the wheel to concrete, it’s a clear-slicing noticed. You will Have The power to undoubtedly stall the wheel Do You’d like to Try and push it, particularly On The utmost depth in concrete/asphalt. However, Do You’d like to let the motor primarytain the RPMs extreme, it melts right by way of.

Afacet from the comfort of a twineless platform, you additionally don’t have the gasoline and emissions of conventional fashions that get rid of The power to work infacet. However, you don’t have To fear about discovering an outlet or popping breakers The biggest method you do with twineed electrical fashions.


Greenworks has a 3-stage administration system to get the noticed To function. First, You should press The power howeverton to activate it. Then press Inside the mechanical set off safety on the left facet and pull the set off.

Your LED mild administration is subsequent to The power howeverton. When you flip The power on, press The sunshine howeverton To level out it on or off. You don’t Have to press the set off to activate it.

Talking of the set off, It is a variable velocity design. Usually, You’d like To reduce at full velocity, however Do You’d like to do Have to Decelerate the blade, you can feather the set off.

Water Supply

Greenworks pre-installs a water delivery system into the noticed. It makes use of A conventional backyard hose connection and requires a pressurized water supply. There’s a valve subsequent to The very biggest deal with that makes adjusting the water circulate straightforward.


Power reduceters are loud And a lot extra so Everytime you’re slicing. Many gasoline fashions are rated over 100 decibels, however Greenworks’ design sits at 94 decibels. Whereas that’s nonetheless extreme enough That you merely’ll need To make the most of listening to safety, it’s An monumental discount.

Greenworks Enterprise 82V Power Cutter Design Notes


With the blade and a 4.0Ah battery, You’ve a working weight of 19.3 kilos on our scale (Greenworks specs 19.5 kilos). If that sounds mild for An affect reduceter, you’re right. Husqvarna’s K 770 with comparable performance weighs 22 kilos earlier than you add gasoline and oil. Hilti’s Nuron twineless power reduceter Is nineteen.6 kilos naked and has a working weight of 26.5 kilos as quickly as you add two 7.9Ah batteries.

Guard Adjustment

To regulate the wheel guard, there’s a launch to the left of the wheel. Pull it again And change the guard to the place You’d like it. The discost is spring-loaded, so it reflips to its unique place when you let go. Give the guard Barely tug To Guarantee it settles into Certainly one of many detents earlier than You start slicing.

Magnetic Filter

Hiding beneath the deffinish on the left facet of the reduceter are three strong magnets. These seize any small gadgets of metallic You’d possibly get while slicing rebar while permitting aircirculate to the motor. There’s a scrench that comes with the noticed And also you should use the slotted screwdriver finish to entry them. We advocate checking and clearing as needed after every use.

Further Highmilds

Greenworks Enterprise 82V Power Cutter Price

You will get this mannequin as a naked system or package. The naked system is $439.99 if You Have already acquired batteries and a costr. Even Do You’d like to do, You’d possibly nonetheless need the package for The worth proplace. It’s $699.99 and consists of the system, a 4.0Ah battery, and an 8-amp twin port velocityy costr.

That said, we advocate grabbing An additional battery or two. The costr Inside the package will get a 4.0Ah battery again to a full cost in Half-hour, so An complete of three batteries Might Assist you to work continuously.

Take A look at Greenworks’ 2-yr value comparability that places the Greenworks Enterprise 82V Power Cutter up in the direction of a gasoline mannequin.

The underfacet Line

If you’re Looking for A mild-weight-weight twineless power reduceter with a deeper performance than the 9-inch fashions working round, the Greenworks Enterprise 82V 12-Inch Power Cutter Is An excellent choice. It makes quick work of concrete blocks and pavers and is A greater option than twineed noticeds for slicing channels in areas you can’t use gasoline noticeds.

Wanting forward, Greenworks additionally has a 14-inch mannequin Inside the works that boasts 4.3kW of power. We’re anticipating that one to be out there nearer to The primary quarter of 2024.


  • Model: Greenworks Enterprise 82PC12
  • Power Source: Greenworks Enterprise 82V battery
  • Blade Measurement: 12 inches
  • Blade Speed: 5248 RPM/279 FPS
  • Torque: 5.2Nm
  • Max Cutting Depth: 4.3 inches
  • Working Weight: 19.3 kilos



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