Diablo Has Improved Masonry Cutting with Turbo Cut-Off Blades

Do You’d like to’ve ever plunged a grinder or power reduceter wheel into stone or masonry, You understand how important It is for it To maintain slicing properly till you finish the work. Simply as important As a Outcome of the system You use is your selection of blade. Diablo’s purpose for its Diamond Turbo reduce-off blades is So as that you merely’re going to Have The power to acquire An extfinished life and greater efficiency than regular diamond reduce-off discs. We’ll look at how these new diamond blades from Diablo stand out from their former reduce-off fashions.

Diablo Diamond Turbo Cut-off Blades – The huge Deal

Diablo makes use of industrial-grade diamonds and a hardened disc physique To current a sturdy noticed blade for slicing into masonry. This coupled with the strong bond from the diamond edge to the physique, lets Diablo clpurpose these have double the life expectancy Of ordinary diamond reduce-off discs.

This spherical of non-segmented Turbo reduce-off blades Are out there 4-inch, 4-Half-inch, 5-inch, And seven-inch measurements. Diablo tells us that They’ve an extremely-skinny, fixed contact turbo rim design To Supply you exact reduces at extreme speeds. The three smaller blades have a kerf of 0.08-inch whereas the 7-inch blade’s kerf is 0.09-inch.

The Turbo discs are constructed To be used on hardened supplies like concrete, brick, and masonry. On prime of that, You should use it in each dry and moist circumstances so there’s no Have to fear about getting rained out. The 7-inch blades furtherly come useful for slicing tile when used with a moist noticed.

Every blade Consists of a 20mm bushing and a 5/8-inch bushing so that it matches Pretty a Little bit of noticed arbors.

Additional Features

  • Hardened physique absorbs vibration
  • Influence-resistant

Final Thoughts, Pricing, and Availability

Diablo has made diamond masonry blades for years. Truly, the Turbo line originated years in the past. This Appears like a rolling change with some minor beauty and structural updates. Diablo typically improves their merchandise with these updates—so Search for faster slicing over prior fashions. For The expert, that’s a win in our e-book.

Look for the Diablo Diamond Turbo reduce-off blades at your favourite Diablo retailer. Keep in thoughts each measurement varies in worth. Event pricing includes $20.99 for a 4-inch masonry reduce-off blade (DMADT0450) to $39.79 for the 7-inch mannequin.


  • Model: DMADT0400 / DMADT0450 /DMADT0500 / DMADT0700
  • Arbor: 7/8 in, 20mm, 5/8 in
  • Diameter: 4 in / 4.5 in / 5 in / 7 in
  • Kerf: 0.08 in / 0.09 in
  • Pack quantity: 1
  • Rim design: Turbo
  • Pricing: $20.99 – $39.79



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