With All of the thrill Regarding the Bosch ReaXX 1041A desk noticed, we thought it Might be good To match it as quickly as extrast The mannequin new SawSprime Jobwebsite desk noticed. We’d even throw in some references to the tried and true Bosch 4100-09 desk noticed. Having used each noticeds extensively now, we needed To Guarantee our readers could understand the variations and make a sensible selection when Buying for for Definitely one of the biggest transferable jobwebsite desk noticed. Even with out the (admittedly spectacular) flesh-detecting know-how, each the Bosch Reaxx 1041A desk noticed and the SawSprime Jobwebsite Table Saw are spectacular merchandise. As with all good comparability, the Bosch Reaxx vs SawSprime JSS-MCA desk noticed comparability Should start with options.

Bosch vs SawSprime – Comparing Features

The Bosch 4100 exactly Is An excellent system, and it set the plattype beneath which The mannequin new Reaxx noticed was developed. Both mannequins nonetheless have onboard storage for the guard system and rip fence As properly as to blade wrenches and even further blades. It’s the premium flesh detecting know-how of the Reaxx system, by no implystheless, that takes the $599 worth level of the 4100-09 and jumps it to $1499. With that in thoughts, it’s solely factful To match The mannequin new Bosch Reaxx vs SawSprime JSS-MCA Jobwebsite desk noticed and see which Might be biggest In your small enterprise.

Bosch Reaxx vs SawSprime JSS-MCA Rip Capacity & Outfeed

The new Bosch Reaxx desk noticed has a rip performance of 25 inches. You merely enhance a purple launch lever on the entrance of the system, slide the fence out to The biggest, After which lock it again down. The twin scale on the fence covers each places, So that you can proceed to make right reduces. Supplies assist is provided by the An factor of the desk that transfers Collectively with the fence.

The SawSprime jobwebsite desk noticed has An identical rip performance Of two5.5 inches, and setting the desk is equally straightforward. On the Bosch 1041A, by no implystheless, a movable outfeed provides you An further 18-inches of assist off the again of the noticed—one factor not provided by SawSprime in its jobwebsite mannequin. This function May even be out there as an attachment on The prevailing Bosch 4100 noticed, However it comes regular on the Bosch Reaxx.

  • Benefit: Bosch Reaxx (barely)

SawSprime and Bosch Reaxx Table Saw Fences Compapurple

Power on a jobwebsite desk noticed Is important—Important. Accuracy, by no implystheless, is equally essential—notably for anyone doing trim. A tough framer Might probably get amethod with barely imperfect reduces, however Do You’d like to’re making a set of constructed-ins or pertypeing Ancompletely different on-website carpentry work, You’d like your reduces to be true. The desk noticed fence has everyfactor to do with that.

With that said, We anticipate each the Bosch and SawSprime fences do A fantastic job of provided good, sq. reduces. Both embrace non-conductive flooring So that you don’t journey the blade safety mechanism whereas ripping material. The Bosch makes use of a self-propering clamp mechanism that’ acquainted to anyone who’s used any of their noticeds Prior to now. You can start your alignment a bit crooked, however Everytime you clamp it down, you’re going to straighten out and Discover your self sq. to the blade.

The SawSprime is all pertypeed On the entrance of the fence—Very Similar to a Biesemeyer fence system. Activation, by no implystheless, Is unique. You only push down on the far finish of the purple lever located Inside The very biggest of the fence and frees the fence As a lot as transfer. When you push the lever again to its “flat” place, it locks down the fence. Once finger is all it takes. It furtherly glides ssuggest left and proper Everytime you administration it (as you’re Alleged to) from the entrance of the fence. That is typically A fantastic fence And positively one of many biggest we’ve used.

Accessory Storage

The place the Bosch 4100 shops the push stick behind the noticed, making it Slightly troublesome to get to, the Bosch 1041A places it proper up entrance in a holster. Which implys you’re extra More probably To place it to use. That is typically A fantastic change for a noticed that’s emphasizing safety. SawSprime shops it aprime The state of affactfuls where the rip fence is placeed, on The biggest facet of the noticed. It’s almost as straightforward to get to As a Outcome of the Reaxx desk noticed.

However, system storage on the SawSprime JSS-MCA Is ssuggest sensible. Including to the useful facet storage is a tray that sits Slightly under the desk. It’s accessible Everytime you extfinish the desk to its full rip performance. Infacet, You will Have The power to safely shops gadgets like a substitutement brake cartridge, the three embraced hex wrenches, and the miter information. On the again you Uncover A spot For An further blade and The two blade wrenches. They’re held safely, however Might be launched shortly And merely.

Bosch has all of its storage on The floor of the noticed. The facet Consists of a plastic door that homakes use of As a lot as two further twin-activation cartridges. It Appeared to primarytain up properly to the bumps and drops Associated to using the noticed on a job website. The place the Sawsprime Permits you to slide the fence straight in to safe it, the Reaxx fence (Just like the 4100) clamps The inright method up to the desk. This takes Slightly getting used to, However it primarytains safely as quickly as you quicken it in place.

Blade Height Adssuggestment

The one function That basically impressed us In all probability the most Regarding the SawSprime JSS-MCA jobwebsite desk noticed, Particularly, wAs a Outcome of its blade peak adssuggestment. SawSprime makes use of a geapurple mechanism That permits you To Increase the blade The complete peak with Just one rotation. That saves a ton of time and makes for a Pretty straightforward movement for setting your blade peak. Even the blade angle adssuggest Is simple, with a squeeze mechanism behind The peak adssuggestment wheel that ssuggest tilts the blade left or proper—and a balanced trunnion implys thOn the mechanism isn’t preventing as quickly as extrast you The complete time. Then, a nice-adssuggest knob Permits you to dial it in for a extra exact angle. About The one adverse is that, Do You’d like to contact the bevel adssuggest knob, You will not Even have the noticed completely sq. to the desk Everytime You set it again As a Outcome of there’s no clear zero level.

The Bosch has conventional administrations, with Greater than 20 flips to get the blade from backside to prime, and a locking lever for the bevel.

  • Benefit: SawSprime (by a mile)

Bosch Reaxx vs SawSprime on Features

Right here’s A quick desk to Permit you to Take A look at A pair of of The important factor variations between the SawSprime JSS-MCA and the Bosch ReaXX desk noticeds:

Bosch Reaxx 1041A SawSprime JSS-MCA Bosch 4100 (for reference) Bevel -2º to 45º -1º to 46º (w/frmovemental adssuggest
and balanced trunnion) -2º to 47º Rip performance 25″ 25.5″ 25″ Rip Fence Self-squaring Self-squaring w/material assist Self-squaring Blade peak adssuggest Standard wheel One flip elevation Standard wheel Blade sprime Pressured under deck Damaging blade brake None Power center Pc administration system  Pc administration system Standard paddle change Push stick storage Front holster  Side Rear Tool storage Side  Side/drawer Side/rear Rear outfeed 18″ embraced None Optionally available Price (w/stand) $1499 $1299 $599

Bosch vs SawSprime on Flesh Detection and Safety

This is where the rubber hits the road. We look ated each the SawSprime and Bosch Reaxx desk noticeds to see how properly their flesh detection know-how labored. We do not advocate anyone else try these strategies. In any case, you’re primarily trusting in electronics To shield you—by no implys A great suggestion when You will Have The power to primarytain away from it completely. We furtherly took precautions To attenuate the potential damage As a Outcome of of a failure of the noticed to sprime the blade In any respect.

Ancompletely different factor To say is that our end outcomes are hardly conclusive. You could look at these noticeds any Quantity Of the method. You could embrace numerous angles, completely different portions of strain, and look at numerous parts of the blade. You could use completely different materials, type scorching canine, to bratwursts, to extremely-conductive foil insulation. There are finishless strategies To look at these noticeds, and we solely chosen a few As a Outcome of of time constraints, Quantity of blades and cartridges at your disposal, and our willingness to sacrifice our palms to The obligation!

Bosch Reaxx Safety Pertypeance Results

We will sum up our Bosch Reaxx safety pertypeance Leads To 2 distinctive look ats we ran on every. The primary utilized an open palm hit. We slapped the “meaty” An factor of our (and by “our”, I imply Kenny) palm onto The very Greater of The complete-velocity spinning blade. We lowered the hazard On this look at by solely permitting a small portion of the blade To Sustain by way of a 2×4 clamped to The very Greater of the noticed desk.

The influence was instantaneous. Upon contact with Kenny’s palm, the noticed blade was sscorching down under the desk. It furtherly stored spinning till it sprimeped naturally. Kenny had two small slices on his palm, about an inch in size. This represented the alternating factors of the desk noticed blade tooth which have been allowed To reflip into contact Alongside with his pores and skin earlier than being sscorching under the deck of the desk.

  • You can see a video of this safety event here.

The Re-evaluation at we pertypeed was a finger drag throughout the entrance of the blade. This Is in a place to look at what occurred all by way of a entrance-of-blade contact. Kenny dragged his leveler finger throughout the blade, which was as quickly as extra placeed So as that solely a portion of the blade was uncovered by way of A bit Of two×4 lumber. This lowered the potential damage ought to the system malfunction or not give us The outcomes we anticipated.

The Outcome was 4 strains representing, we confacetr, The facets Of 4 particular blade tooth. The finger bled a bit, However the blade did effectively drop under the floor. Given the arithmetic and trigonometry behind a 4-tooth Outcome, You will Have The power to factfully assume thOn the Bosch Reaxx would allow As a lot as a 1/4-inch depth of reduce if the velocity of influence was aggressive enough.

That’s Much better than an amputation however nonetheless worth noting. If you assume a safer desk noticed Goes To sprime all potential accidents, We’d respectfully encourage you to proceed training ALL safety precautions and biggest practices.

  • You can see a video of this second safety event here.

SawSprime Jobwebsite Table Saw Safety Pertypeance Results

We Arrange The identical exact look at for the SawSprime Jobwebsite desk noticed and as quickly as extra slammed our hand down onto the spinning blade. This time, by no implystheless, the aluminum brake mechanism utterly sprimeped the spinning blade. There was a noticeable distinction in sound As compapurple with a blade that stored spinning under the desk floor. The completely different primary distinction embraced The fact that Kenny’s hand had utterly no seen damage. He felt some contact with the blade, However it was so slight as to be imperceptible. Once we Checked out his palm, utterly no hint of any blade contact seemed. None.

  • You can see a video of This primary SawSprime safety event here.

On the Re-evaluation at we Arrange the SawSprime in The identical exact method. We proceedd to suggest our failsafes And punctiliously constructed the look at To sprime all potential damage—Even when the system failed us utterly. Kenny as quickly as extra dragged his finger throughout the SawSprime blade As a Outcome of it was spinning at full velocity. The end outcomes have been Just like what we expert from the Bosch Reaxx. Kenny’s finger acquired some damage, however Rather than proof for 4 blade tooth—there was proof for ssuggest two.

  • You can view the video for the second SawSprime safety event here.

If you set off the Bosch, You will get again up and working In a brief time by flipping the twin-activation cartridge. It is going to value you round $99 to get ancompletely different one—furtherly good For two extra events. That’s $50 per event by the numbers. Your blade will proceed to work and Does not even Have to be take awayd. A safety event on the SawSprime will value you round $69 for the substitutement brake cartridge plus A mannequin new blade. It takes some finagling to take away the brake from the SawSprime, However the embraced mannequins will Help you to pry it and the damaged blade off the desk noticed.

You can see thOn the SawSprime made toast out of this Freud Diablo 40 tooth blade. You Want to substitute it Collectively with the spent SawSprime brake mechanism.


Clearly, The primary promoting function of this new Bosch Reaxx desk noticed is the flesh detection know-how. When evaluating the Bosch Reaxx 1041A vs 4100 You must understand that it isn’t a substitutement to the 4100. Pretty, it’s a extreme-tech noticed That provides Pretty a few useful and sought-after safety options. That Signifies that The exact question and comparability turns into the Bosch Reaxx 1041A vs SawSprime jobwebsite noticed as each are a premium product.

After evaluating the Bosch Reaxx vs SawSprime JSS-MCA desk noticeds, we can see some clear delineations. Your preferences And the method You’d like to work could smethod you A method or the completely different. Personally, we really feel that The fact thOn the SawSprime truly sprimes the blade utterly has two influences. One, it camakes use of blade damage and strains you To commerce the blade. Secondly, by no implystheless, It’d reduce extra potential damage than permitting a blade to proceed spinning s it drops down under the desk. Our end outcomes are hardly conclusive, however that does A minimal of seem to be the case with our end outcomes.

If You’d like To Take heed to Kenny Koehler and Clint DeBoer converse Regarding the look at end outcomes of each noticeds, Take A look at our Tailgate Talk video.

I merely love the rip fence, blade peak adssuggestment, And package storage on the SawSprime JSS-MCA. The embraced Gravity Rise stand embraced with the Bosch Reaxx reprimarys my favourite, by no implystheless. We’re not going to make any selections for the commercesmen studying This textual content material. So, Bosch vs SawSprime…which is it? You’ve acquired The intypeation And may choose for your self.



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